International Fleet Managers Institute

Educational Sessions for buyers only | 22 November 2023 | 10:30 - 15:30 | Lisbon Congress Center

International fleet managers who want to stay successful, need to stay up to date. That, in a nutshell, is what the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) does.The IFMI has 20 years’ experience in organising educational seminars and webinars for corporate fleet buyers about how to implement various aspects of vehicle fleet management. In that time, IFMI has shared knowledge and inspiration with fleet decision makers – from junior managers to experienced professionals – of more than 800 multinationals.

This year’s IFMI Masterclass session will focus on ‘Fleet Contracting’, in the context of a new and rapidly developing supply chain. This session is reserved for corporate fleet buyers only.

Sourcing and Contracting in 2024

Importance for the Fleet & Procurement Manager: What will you learn from this session?

In the dawn of a new era in Fleet Management, where technology plays an increasingly pivotal role and sustainability stands as the driving force behind decision-making processes, a transformative supply chain emerges.

Alongside the traditional Lease-OEM-Fuel trinity, a diverse range of providers encompassing charging infrastructure, connectivity solutions, fleet management tools, and sustainability reporting tools have stepped forward, offering solutions to address fleet managers’ strategic objectives: reducing emissions, enhancing safety and employee satisfaction, and achieving cost savings.

The primary challenge lies in the procurement realm, as specialists seek to contract these vendors while maintaining an efficient and streamlined supply chain. This undertaking proves to be particularly daunting due to the fact that many vendors within the new supply chain lack global or even international operations.

During this session, we will delve into this challenge and engage in a constructive dialogue to explore effective approaches for integrating the new supply chain seamlessly.

Agenda - 22 November, 10h30 – 15h30

10h30 – 10h40: Welcome and Introduction

  • By Steven Schoefs, Fleet Europe & IFMI

10h40 – 11h20: The health check of the new supply chain and its impact on the sourcing needs

Charging, EVs, telematics, subscription models… have now become part of the supply chain. Dominators like supply chain issues, inflation or regulative measures are shaping future fleet decisions.

In this session, we will map the new supply chain & demonstrate the (new) challenges and opportunities for fleet procurement specialists.

  • Trends with status and impact: EV, Mobility, Telematics,… – by Ronan Perrier, Arval
  • Socio-economic dominators: supply chain, chip shortage, inflation… –  by Fabio Carello, ALD Automotive I LeasePlan

11h20 – 12h30: Global? Regional? Local? How to deal with the new supply chain in line with strategic and corporate objectives

The new supply chain is more complex than before, and often requires dedicated sourcing tactics to find a suitable provider. This can be global, but also regional and local. With companies organised in CoE (centralised centers of excellence) and others having a formalised local setup, let’s look at the workarounds. 

  • Picturing the pro’s and con’s of Global vs Regional vs Local – 30 min
  • Corporate criteria:
    • Locally organized
    • Global Center of Excellence approach
  • Categories:
    • Funding/leasing – by Ronan Perrier, Arval
    • OEM – by Daniel Schessler, CUPRA
    • Telematics & Data – by Rory Mackinnon, Holman
    • Charging solutions – by Fabio Carello, ALD Automotive I LeasePlan
    • Flexibility & MaaS – by Andrew Wilson, MHC Mobility
  • Followed by case study testimonials from a global and a regional fleet manager – 40 min

12h30 – 14h00: Networking Lunch

Enjoy the networking lunch with peers and participants from both IFMI and the Smart Mobility Institute.

14h00 – 14h45: Global? Regional? Local? What works for you?

The reason for negotiating a global agreement with fleet vendors is to simplify and speed up local collaboration agreements. Nonetheless, this ambition is not always realistic in the context of the new supply chain.

What are the true benefits of a global agreement vs regional agreements, and what does localisation of such an agreement consist of?

  • Workshop / Feedback discussion with participants led by IFMI partners according to various categories:
    • Funding/leasing – led by Arval
    • OEM – led by CUPRA
    • Telematics – led by Holman
    • Charging solutions – led by ALD Automotive I LeasePlan
    • Flexibility & MaaS – led by MHC Mobility

14h45 – 15h15: From complex sourcing to seamless implementation

When the sourcing part is done, the vendor needs to be activated “operationally” and the client organisation needs to be prepared for the new vendor. What are the recommendations for a successful implementation?

  • Presentation by IFMI partners
    • Do’s and Don’ts of implementation

By Andrew Wilson, MHC Mobility & Rory Mackinnon, Holman

15h15 – 15h30: Wrap-up & Key Take-Aways

Closing of the session with input of the IFMI partners.

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